Sunday, August 14, 2011

SOUL Surfer.........

So my hubby's been gone for what seems like MONTHS... though it has only been a couple weeks (with a weekend home in the middle hahaha, I am wimpy when it comes to being without my hubby .  I could really use some goofy google faces right now if you know what I mean?!? Sometime words don't cut it.
Anyhow I have been indulging in girly movies along with lot's of soul food (uh oh) ... last night so happened to be be SOUL SURFER night.   I pretty much cried through the entire thing for various reasons, some joyful, some just so sad, so REAL.  But wow what an inspiring young woman Bethany Hamilton is.  First of all surfing is amazing, though I have never done it, I can imagine it makes you feel like you are with God as you are in the tunnel of a giant wave!  Props to all surfers, your art is truly amazing!  This young woman is full of God, full of courage, relentless and all inspiring!  I love seeing peoples different gifts, callings, destinies come to life.  Things that are so far from my own but yet inspire me on my own personal journey.  Her life says "never give up" and Carpe Diem!!  Even after the shark bites...... get back in the water!!


  1. love it, my friend. so glad to have a way to stay in touch. :)

  2. My sister just recommended this movie too, sounds like we need to make a trip to the RedBox tonight:) Love you!